Olympic Transition Badge 1959 Drum Kit in Gold Sparkle - 20/12/16/14 Snare

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One for the do-er-up-er! This is a lovely little Olympic kit finished in 'Sparkling Silver-Blue finish that has faded to a lovely Gold Sparkle. The shells are all very thin, 3-ply birch/poplar with beech re-rings. All hoops, lugs, rims, claws and mounts are original.

It is quite a rare kit, being from the Transition badge period in 1959, the badges are actually made out of cardboard! These are fantastic shells, made by Premier Drums. 

The rack tom is pre-international 12" and has 5 lugs, the floor tom is pre-international and has 7 lugs (AND it's original Footes badge), and the bass drum is 20" and has 6 lugs. 

As you can see, this kit needs some really TLC, which unfortunately we don't have the time to give it, but with some elbow grease, this kit will be absolutely stunning!

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