Noble & Cooley & Zildjian 380th Anniversary 14" x 4.75" Zildjian Alloy Snare Drum

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From Bob Gatzen's Private Collection, played by the legend himself.

This is an INCREDIBLY rare snare drum, made as a collaboration between Noble & Cooley and Zildjian for Zildjian's 380th Anniversary.

Made using authentic Zildjian cymbal bronze alloy, mixed with the amazing build quality from N&C results in a snare that speaks loud and proud! Bronze snares are legendary for their presence and use in the studio.

This must be one of the finest snare drums ever made, and it is your change to make it your own.

The drum is overall in good condition, complete with all original parts.

There is a slight patina (pictured), which has happened over this drums life (as you will see happen with Zildjian Cymbals too), however it is purely cosmetic.

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