Lewitt MTP250 DM Handheld Dynamic Microphone

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Tailored for vocalists.

The Lewitt MTP250 DM is a high-quality, handheld microphone designed to bring out the best from your live vocal performances.

The Lewitt MTP250 DM Vocal Microphone is tailor-made for live vocals, the cardioid polar pattern and dynamic moving coil result in rich and detailed sound that will cut through any mix. The MPT 250 DM provides high gain before feedback, for optimal reliability whilst on stage. Its exceptionally low handling noise also ensures minimal colouration when performing.

The MTP 250 DM also features an integrated pop filter and wind-shield helping to retain the natural clarity from your voice and improving the overall audio performance. Its rugged and highly durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of prolonged live use.


  • Ideal for live vocal performances
  • Uniformed cardioid pickup pattern for superior sound reproduction
  • Cut through any mix with full and live sound quality
  • Integrated pop filter and windshield
  • Complete with shock mount, windscreen and pouch