Lewitt Drum Microphone Recording Bundle - DTP340, MTP440, LCT140 Air Pair

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Here at Rubix we are passionate about recording drums, so we have created this exclusive microphone bundle for those who want to get into the world of drum recording, and are looking for the best gear their money can buy.

This bundle consists of one kick microphone (DTP340 REX), a snare drum microphone (MTP440 DM), and a matched pair of overheads (LCT140 MP).


The DTP 340 REX makes the hearts of beat aficionados beat faster. It offers everything you need to mic kick drums and bass instruments: memorable, impressive sound and reliable performance on stage and in the studio.

In addition to its standard neutral and pure character the ‘Enhanced Frequency Response’ function – switchable right on the microphone – will deliver an unbeatable impressive bass sound by emphasizing frequencies in 70 –150 Hz and 3 –5 kHz ranges, optimized for use on kick drums.


Like all mics from the MTP series, the MTP 440 DM has an amazingly consistent polar pattern across its entire frequency spectrum. The outstanding rear rejection of -25 dB guarantees super-high gain before feedback.

The crisp and modern sound cuts right through the mix. A slight bass roll-off prevents the signal from getting muddy, and the crisp presence plus fast transient response makes the MTP 440 DM shine on guitar amps, as well as snare drums and even vocals!


The LCT 140 AIR stereo pair lets you switch between two sound characteristics - AIR for a record-ready sound and FLAT for highly authentic recordings. By using automated production processes, you get perfectly matched stereo pairs without paying extra. This is the only stereo pair of pencil mics you will need: 2 sound modes, low-cut and pre-attenuation, lightweight, professional studio sound.


  • Set of 4 Microphones: DTP340 REX, MTP440 DM, LCT130 MP
  • Ideal super-clear and versatile drum recording bundle
  • Rubix Drums Exclusive Bundle and Price
  • Includes all accessories available on the individual microphones
  • All microphones may be purchased separately