KEO - Cymbal Sizzler - KEO-CYM-SI

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Sometimes you just need something to add that extra “sparkle to your cymbal – that’s when you reach for the Sizzler!

A heavier-weighted chain, attached to a KEO cymbal felt to really cut through.

KEO percussion is a subsidiary brand of the British Drum Co. and is the vision of master drum builder Keith Keough. This connection to such a highly regarded master craftsman will reassure players that KEO percussion instruments share the same DNA as the outstanding handcrafted drums that have made such a huge impact on the world of drums and percussion. KEO Percussion is driven by the same passion and desire to innovate, and is equally ambitious and forward-thinking.

Keith’s deep knowledge of wood’s acoustic properties, together with his inherent sense of the musicality of wood, has led to the creation of this new range of percussion instruments which not only sound amazing, but also visually reflect their maker’s heritage and expertise. These instruments are a beautiful hybrid of craft and function.

The sensual, tactile qualities of the wood compel you to pick up the instruments and inspire you to play.