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The BlackBell Series from Istanbul Mehmet are a sensitive, dynamic range of cymbals. All of the cymbals created by Istanbul Mehmet are crafted using traditional cymbal making techniques and the BlackBell Series is no different. The BlackBell Series from the Modern Range have a dark unlathed bell, complimented by a lathed and hand hammered bow and edge. They produce bright, powerful, brassy tones which are incredibly dynamic against the loud and dark tones the BlackBell Series is also capable of. Versatile and penetrating these cymbals are perfect for a wide range of musical applications.

The BlackBell 11" FourStax Splash Cymbal is perfect to use alone or as part of an existing set up, this cymbal radiates with trashy accents and effects. FourStax retains the bright, vivid sounds expected from the BlackBell series with a great receptiveness for modern music. The hand hammered, lathed qualities of these cymbals proposes brassy, dominant tones that will not fail to be heard.