Hoshino (Pre Tama, MIJ) '5075' Super Deluxe Model Drum Kit in Fine Black

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This Hoshino Super Deluxe drum kit from the late 1960's to early 70's, is a real workhorse.Ā 

7-ply Luan (Philippine Mahogany) shells, the kit consists of a 22x16", 12x8", 13x9", 16x16" and steel 14x5" snare drum, all with Evans Hydraulic drum heads, this kit sounds fantastic.

Made in Japan (MIJ), these drums rivalled the big brands of the day, providingĀ great sounding drum kits at cheaper prices. In 1974, Hoshino changed their name to Tama, and the rest is history.

The kit comes complete with all original parts, floor tom legs, tom mount and bass drum spurs (missing original feet).

There are some marks on the kit which are purely cosmetic. As you can see from the photos, there is one split on the bass drum wrap, which has been professionally repaired and sealed so it is solid.

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