GK 10" Practice Pad - GK-DMH10

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Dual practice pad 10‰ۡó� (25cm).̴Ì_Simply the best practice pad in the world. This no-nonsense pad provides a perfectly balanced rebound feel ̐ not to too little, not too much. The result is a feel that very closely resembles that of a real acoustic drum. Available in 8_, 10_ and 12_ models, and the option of a standard 8mm mounting thread.
Here at Rubix, we absolutely love this practice pad. We̥ve tried all the big name ones and in a blind test, the GK pad always wins hands down! It̥s not so soft that it swallows the drum stick and not so bouncy that it flies right back at you! Superb little pad, and pretty quiet too!
diameter: 10‰ۡó»‰ۡó»/25cm
thickness: 2,1cm
weight: 0,81kg