Gibraltar 9608E Drum Throne

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Stable and comfy

Solid drumming isn't just about technique. Without good posture you can end up injuring yourself, or lose concentration and not enjoy your time at the drums. A sturdy, adjustable, high quality chair is important enough they even call it a throne.

Long sessions at the drums are so much easier when you're at the right height and comfortable. Gibraltar Drum thrones are stable, adjustable and designed for better lower back support. If you play and practice regularly, your back and neck will thank you for your decision to invest in a proper drum seat.


  • Round seat
  • Vinyl seat
  • Diameter 35 cm / padding 9.5 cm
  • Double-braced base
  • 'Super Lock' clamp system
  • Fulcrum shaft height adjustment
  • Memory Lock for height adjustment
  • Height adjustable from 51 to 66 cm
  • Gibraltar's best-selling drum throne