Fibes Austin Era Maple Drum Kit in Turquoise Sparkle - 20/10/12/14

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Here we have an amazing Fibes drum kit from their Austin, Texas era in the 1990's. There kits are stunning, made with Jasper shells made of maple and gum wood plies, and finished in Fibes Original Turquoise Sparkle, this kit sounds as good as it looks.

The kit sizes are 20x18" Bass Drum, 10x8" Rack Tom, 12x10" Rack Tom, 14x12" Floor Tom. The drums come with RIMS mounts on all of the toms, and Pearl TH-1030S tom holders. 

There are two holes behind the bass drum spurs. We cannot figure out why they are there, as these are the original 'bayonet' legs, but they are purely cosmetic. The bass drum legs are missing their complete legs, but rubber Pearl feet have been added. 

We will also include a set of DW Claw Spurs which will stop the kit wanting to move forwards during playing.

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