Early 90's Zildjian K HiHat

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A new Zildjian K 14” Hihat  will set you back in the hundreds and this fine hit set is in mint condition and looks brand new and hardly used. 

We highly doubt any new one will sound as great as THIS ONE!! This K sounds is a thin early 90s Ks. If you're a K fan than you know the ones I'm talking about.

We are happy to report that there are NO, nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Dark gem. This K is in Mint Condition, with a light patina that has befriended it.  

The more Ks that pass through our hands, the more we come to appreciate the 80s/early 90s ones. They're darker and they just seem to breathe and open up better. 

In general, the newer K cymbals are more focused than the Ks from the 80s and early 90s.

With a weight of 1005 TOP/1407 BOTTOM grams this hit plays like a dream. The edges are easily bendable and it is extremely responsive at moderate volumes. The tone is tight, warm, and complex. 

THIS is the K TONE that you hope for.  A beautiful sounding Zildjian!!

This Zildjian K Hihat is remarkably versatile. Its darker leanings, K wash, and broad dynamic range make it a welcomed addition to any jazz, blues, ballads, soul, or folk setup. And its ability to open up and project nicely for a dark cymbal make it perfect for funk, fusion, country, gospel, hip-hop, and even pop and rock. 

Grab this Top of the Line early 90s K 14 inch Hihats.