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dialtune 14x6.5" Maple Snare Drum

dialtune 14x6.5" Maple Snare Drum

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Tuning is Simple

  • Use separate dials to independently tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

    Swap Heads Fast

    • dialtune's quick release hoops allow you to detune, change a drumhead, and retune in under a minute. 

    Don't Compromise

    • dialtune has been engineered to hold tension as you play and perform no matter what you throw at it.


    • 14x6.5" 10-ply Keller maple shell
    • dialtune patented cable tuning system
    • Die cast metal lugs
    • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
    • Braided Kevlar cable rated at 700-lbs, doesn't stretch and carries no memory.
    • Patented quick release hoops  
    • Finish stains come in Natural, Espresso, and Honey Maple  


    Rubix Drums is the exclusive fullfillment centre for dialtune drums in UK & Europe.


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