CODE Generator Coated Drum Heads

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Clear, Defined Attack

The CODE Generator Coated Tom Head features two seven mil plys with a bonded ring around the edge for controlling overtones and providing a more focused sound. The sonic quality of the Generator Range is characterised by a clearly defined attack with quick decay, making these heads ideal for drummers who want more focus on the stick accents. Moreover, the textured coating provides added warmth and more of an old-school tone than the clear Generator heads. The Code Generator Coated Tom Heads are perfect if you are looking for a durable head that's built to last for more shows than your average, single ply drum head.

About Code Drum Heads

Code Drum Heads are a UK based company that provide high-quality, great sounding drum heads at an affordable price. All Code Drum Heads are finished and quality checked in the UK with the manufacturing process taking place abroad. The products are developed and tested by drummers, with sound characteristics being the most important quality. Director Mike Heaton offers the best advice when it comes to choosing drum heads, "just listen and trust your ears" - the rest is up to you.


  • 2-PLY 7-Mil Head
  • Bonded Outer Ring
  • Aluminium Rim With Steel Core