CODE Blast Coated Bass Drum Batter Heads

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Reduced Overtones, Focused Attack

The CODE Blast Coated Bass Drum Batter Head was designed and tested specifically for use as a batter head on a bass drum. The extra-wide deadening ring reduces overtones, with the release dropping out quickly to bring focus in towards the medium-hard attack of the batter head. However, the deadening effect isn't so extreme that all resonance and overtones are removed, making it a great choice for rock, pop and more.

About Code Drum Heads

Code Drum Heads are a UK based company that provide high-quality, great sounding drum heads at an affordable price. All Code Drum Heads are finished and quality checked in the UK with the manufacturing process taking place abroad. The products are developed and tested by drummers, with sound characteristics being the most important quality. Director Mike Heaton offers the best advice when it comes to choosing drum heads, "just listen and trust your ears" - the rest is up to you.


  • Single-ply 10 Mil Coated PET Head
  • Extra-Wide Deadening Ring