Camco by Tama Bass Drum Pedal (made in Japan) - 1981

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Camco by Tama, bass drum Pedal made in Japan

Excellent used condition

"Modifying a Camco #5000, he substituted a chain for the pedal’s belt drive. Its smooth, quiet action impressed many of the shop’s regulars.

The improvements continued. The original cam was replaced with a sprocket. Word spread and soon drummers were lining up to have the shop modify their pedals.


Hoshino began its own round of improvements to the belt-drive pedal that would soon be marketed as a Camco product:

• Redesign of footboard surface and shape.
• Upgraded footboard material to lighter weight aluminum die-cast
• Reconfigured chain connections and mechanism to offer adjustability

The CAMCO #6735 premiered at the NAMM show in 1981