BONE CUSTOM DRUMS - Maple/Rosewood 14" x 6.5" High Gloss Lacquer Snare Drum

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 When you think of who’s making top-shelf handcrafted drums, a small company out of Central Europe might not come to mind first. But maybe it should. Since 2005, Slovenia-based Bone Custom Drums has been building high-quality and completely customizable kits and snares for all types of drummers.

Bone Custom Drums states on its website, “You dream it, we’ll build it.” That’s a refreshing business motto. Most custom drum companies offer a short range of options that can be mixed and matched, or they specialize in a certain style of drum. Bone is able to offer just about anything a drummer could want, down to shell construction (type of material and number of plies), size, hardware, and finish.

Drum Spec: BONE Custom snare drum, 14" x 6.5" Maple 10ply, Exotis Santos Rosewood, High Gloss Lacquer Finish.