Beverley Vintage Drum Kit in Faded Original Blue Oyster Finish INC 'Super-De-Luxe' Snare Drum - Early-Mid 60's

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This stunning Beverley drum kit from the 1960's is finished in a very rare faded blue oyster finish, that looks black and white from a distance.

The kit comprises a 20" x 14" bass drum, a Pre-International 16" x 16" Floor Tom, a Pre-International 12" x 8" Rack Tom and a Beverley 'Super-De-Luxe' '6050' 14" x 5" Snare Drum.

The kit comes with all original parts, including lugs, hoops, tension rods, claws, tom mount, floor tom legs and bracket, bass drum legs and bracket, but unfortunately does not come with cymbal arm.

The 'Super-De-Luxe' Snare drum is very desirable, with it's unique snare strainer.

The wrap on the floor tom has cracked due to shrinkage (see photos), however we have professionally sealed the problem area, so it is perfectly secure and barely shows.

The kit is in very good condition (apart from the mentioned mended crack), in a very rare finish.

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