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Rubix Drums

Back To School Bundle - Drumhead + Snarewire

Back To School Bundle - Drumhead + Snarewire

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Batter Head
Snare Reso Head
Snare Wire

Time to give your snare a fresh start!

Batter head:
-Aquarian Response 2 Drum Head - 2ply 7mil head, manufactured with Aquarian's multi-ply vacuum molding process™ that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two 7 mil plies.

Available in Clear / Coated White / Coated Black

Snare Reso head:
-Aquarian Classic Clear Snare Bottom Drumhead - 1ply 3mil reso head. Crystal clear, ultra-sensitive, ultra-responsive.

Snare Wire:
- Puresound 24 Strand Custom Series Snare Wire - allow the snares to be more active in influencing the sound while those with less strands allow the drum to be more prominent in the overall sound.
- Canopus 20 Stread Vintage Snare Wire - 
designed to closely resemble the snare sound and action of vintage Slingerland snare wires, taking several factors that made these so great into account.

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