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All the richness, subtlety and expressiveness of maple...

At ASBA, we have always paid tribute to women in the names of our musical instruments or accessories. Remember the famous Caroline pedal with worldwide success… Its name was taken directly from Caroline Humair, one of the daughters of the famous jazz drummer Daniel Humair with whom this revolutionary accessory had been developed. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, there were also Virginie, Veronique, Linda and other ranges of accessories born from collaborations with musicians of the time.

By creating the kit SIMONE, we want to pay tribute to Simone Boudard, the "S" of ASBA. The dimensions of the SIMONE comply with the standards of the brand's historical models (with international dimensions). Its shells, made of 6 horizontal plies of first choice American maple, offer exceptional musicality. Indeed, since no varnish or plastic coating constrains the resonance, the SIMONE's shells offer all the richness, subtlety and expressiveness of maple, without any filter.

On the maintenance side, if necessary, Simply apply a thin layer of antique wax with a chamoisine, which will give your kit its natural patina over the years.


Dimensions: Bass Drum 20'' x 14'' / Rack Tom 12'' x 8'' / Floor Tom 14'' x 14''

Shells: 6 ply, premium American maple

Bearing edge: Bevelled 45°

ASBA plate: Screen-printed steel

Drum parts: High quality chromed drum parts, ASBA exclusive design

Drumheads: Evans® G1 and Evans® G2

Finish: Hand-tinted, antique wax, polishing by hand

Manufacturing: Handcrafted to order in our workshop in Lyon-France

Quality control: Rigorous quality process

Stamp: Each shell stamped with the date of the day of final assembly


Tom suspension system (Tom mount type) available on option.

Hardware not included.

Delivery time: Approx. 30 working days, depending on availability in stock

Snare sold separately