ASBA 'Designsound' Acrylic Drum Kit in Brown/Amber Finish - 1970's

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THE CLASSY FRENCH DRUM COMPANY ASBA, like a few other drum companies in the 70’s and 80’s, produced drums with ACRYLIC shells.

ASBA , alongside Sonor and Premier, is a top-flight European drum company selling worldwide.

For the nifty hipsters amongst us, ACRYLIC PLASTIC IS AN ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL with great durability. It’s strong, and made into drum shells, sounds great.

ASBA knew what they were doing.

These drums have the clear projection and that punchy-but-rounded sound we would expect from the best acrylic drums.

The attention to detail --- the bass drum spur mounts, the floor tom leg mounts, the bass drum tom mount, the lugs……..all strong and handsome, but with a designer’s eye for finesse.

And the colour. This isn’t flaky dayglo, but a sophisticated amber-brown French mix. Serious classic good looks and very cool indeed.

Take the drums for club or studio use, they punch with a deep tone, amongst the very best.

In great all round near-original condition, with a few light marks picked up over the years, if they were American, you’d be spending a fortune.

Check the photos.

Rack Tom:

  • 13x9" Acrylic Shell
  • Original hoops, lugs, bracket, and original dampener.
  • Tension rods have been swapped for modern square top rods. 
  • Shell in great condition, one very minor scratch.
  • Fitted with Used Evans EC2 batter heads and Original Remo for ASBA Reso Heads

Floor Tom:

  • 16x16"  Acrylic Shell
  • Original hoops, lugs, tension rods, leg brackets & legs
  • Tension rods have been swapped for modern square top rods.
  • Shell in good condition, with several minor scratches.
  • Fitted with Used Evans EC2 batter heads and Original Remo for ASBA Reso Heads

Bass Drum:

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