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This Arbiter Flats Lite is perfect for anyone looking to have an affordable drum kit that is light weight, takes up minimal space, and still has that great full kit sound.

The kit consists of a 20" bass drum, 10", 12", 14" toms and a 12" snare. Tom mounts are included. No additional Hardware included.

The drums are easy to tune thanks to Arbiter's single point tuning system.

This is a superb, compact kit at a very reasonable price, and is superb for both adults and juniors due to the ability to change the heights of the drums to any desired level (difficult to do on 'normal' drum kits). 

Being a second hand kit, there are signs of use, the hi-hat plastic bottom has broken, but the hi-hats sit in it with no problems (please see photo). This is a great beginner to intermediate kit that will be very usable straight out of the box.

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