Angel Drums 14x5.5" Solid Stave Ash Snare Drum in Natural Satin Finish

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From cranked right up tight, to that fat, low backbeat, this Angel Ash 14x5.5" Solid Stave Shell Snare Drum really does it all. 

The thick, Solid Stave Shell provides excellent resonance, a lower fundamental pitch to the drum, with a warm, woody, open sound that works at all levels of tensioning. This Ash beauty provides warm mids and highs, a really powerful drum that cuts through the mix. And who doesn't love the stunning grain of ash drums!

Fitted with Angel Drum's own Hand Made Trow Off, Lugs & Angel Hoops - which provide a shorter sustain, a more focused low end, and bring out a lot of the darker tones of the drum.

  • Size : 14 x 5.5"
  • Shell : Ash 12 mm Block Stave Shell
  • Hoop : Angel Chopper Hoops  10 Tension
  • Snare Wire : CANOPUS Vintage 14 Chrome Plated
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