Angel Drums - Ash 14" x 5" Plum Finish Snare Drum

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From cranked right up tight, to that fat, low backbeat, this Angel Ash 14" x 5" Solid Stave Shell Snare Drum really does it all. 

The thick, Solid Stave Shell provides excellent resonance, a lower fundamental pitch to the drum, with a warm, woody, open sound that works at all levels of tensioning. 

Fitted with their own Hand Made Trow Off, Lugs & Angel Hoops - which provide a shorter sustain, a more focused low end, and bring out a lot of the darker tones of the drum.
- Size : 14 x 5
- Shell : Ash 12 mm Block Stave Shell
- Hoop : Angel Chooper Hoops  10 Tension
- Snare Wire : CANOPUS Vintage 14 Chrome Plated