A Modern Solution for a Modern Musician.

Our studio has been designed as a flexible, high-end creative environment for modern productions, prioritizing client comfort and fidelity over legacy aesthetic.

The live room, designed by leading UK acousticians, has tight low end, gradually opening up towards the top, allowing for a combination of intimate, yet not overly dry space, perfect for drum tracking and vocals. Fully RGB mood lighting creates unique atmosphere for every session while digital monitoring ensures that the artist is receiving noise and a coloration-free duplicate of the performance.

The control room has been fitted with the latest monitoring solution by PMC, as well as, a state of the art Focusrite PRO converters.

Ensuring surgically precise reproduction and clean signal path of up to 24-bit/192Khz PCM.

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Harvey Mason
Derrick McKenzie
Derrick Mckenzie
Jonathan Joseph

Recording & Drum Production

Main purpose of our studio is to facilitate drum production service, which grants any producer and performer an ability to enhance their project with premium quality live drum recording. Assisted by our talented sound engineering team.


Day Rate (9h) 10:00-19:00 – £370 ex. VAT | for tracking 5+ songs.

Half Day Rate (5h) – £245 ex. VAT | for tracking 2-4 songs.

Express (2h) – £170 ex. VAT | for tracking 1-2 songs.


Our facility has also become a go-to location for brands such as Aquarian, Yamaha, Canopus, Vintage Soul and British Drum Co. when it comes to product demo and live performance production. Thanks to our in-house video team we are able to produce promotional content with higher level of quality control and faster turnover than any other regular production house.


Day Film production (9h) - £775 ex. VAT | fit for complex, multi-staged productions.

Half Day Film production (5h) - £545 ex. VAT | fit for single set performance videos and web content.

Any queries?

You can contact us via phone on 0203 0927932 or send an enquiry through our form above. Let us know any queries you may have, as we’ll happily discuss them with you.