New Snare Drums


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Brand-new snares provide quality and reliability.

We offer snares from brands such as Pearl, Canopus, Angel, Bone and the super unique Vintage Soul Drum Co.

The snare drum is probably the most important drum of the drum set. Each snare has its own tone characteristics and playing feel. It largely dictates your sound over all and forms a substantial part of your musical identity.

There are numerous types of metals and woods used to make snare drums. Metals include brass, nickel, bronze, and aluminium, while popular wood types include maple, birch, hickory, ash, beech and mahogany.

While the material plays an important role in how your drum responds, the size has a significant impact on sound. On our website you will see a whole range of sizes on offer, including diameters from 10" to 16" and depths from 3" to 10"!

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