New Cymbals

Cymbals add character to a drum kit. The choice of cymbals can greatly affect your overall drum sound. We have a huge selection available, from 6" splash to 24" ride cymbals, crash cymbals, hi-hats and china varieties.

Hi-hat cymbals are very important, producing up to 80% of a drummer’s sound by providing regular rhythms and beats for almost all genres of music.

A good quality ride cymbal is essential for any Rock or Jazz drummer. The size and build material used will greatly affect how long the sound of the cymbal lasts after it has been hit.

Crash, splash and china cymbals come in many varieties providing short accents of sound that cut across the rest of the kit and band.

Any of the cymbals for sale at RUBIX DRUMS will help you get the most from your kit - we only sell the best ;)