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CANOPUS UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT SPRING 2019   Canopus Yaiba II Groove 10x8 12x8 16x16 22x18 Snare: Canopus R.O.F 14x5.5 Heads: Remo Ambassador & Powerstroke 3 Cymbals: Vintage Soul 15” Medium Hi-Hat | 19” & 18” Crash | 22” Medium Ride Dampeners: Snareweight M1 | M80 | #5 Brass #canopusdrums #designedtobedifferent #madeinjapan🇯🇵     Introducing Eric Ford @ericfordrums at Rubix Studios with Canopus Drums    Introducing Joel Barford  Joel Barford at Rubix Studios with Canopus Drums Playing on a Canopus Yaiba Groove kit. Joel is a seriously talented individual and we are so proud of him being part of the family.  ...

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We are proud to announce ASBA IS BACK Before welcoming 2020 we thought to have an informal announcement of one of the most innovative drum manufacturers, ASBA. After 30 years of silence, ASBA is back. Come and try some of the beautiful drum kits made in France, fresh straight from the manufacturer in Lyon, France ASBA at Rubix Drums London, UK. Thanks to: ASBA Alessandro Cinelli - Drums Marco Cinelli - Voice Over Rubix Studios - Recording / Filming Rubix Drums Ltd. DRUMS RIVE GAUCHE MARRON FIVE Maple/Poplar/Maple Many of the sounds, grooves and players that inspired today's best...

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