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CANOPUS UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT SPRING 2019   Canopus Yaiba II Groove 10x8 12x8 16x16 22x18 Snare: Canopus R.O.F 14x5.5 Heads: Remo Ambassador & Powerstroke 3 Cymbals: Vintage Soul 15” Medium Hi-Hat | 19” & 18” Crash | 22” Medium Ride Dampeners: Snareweight M1 | M80 | #5 Brass #canopusdrums #designedtobedifferent #madeinjapan🇯🇵     Introducing Eric Ford @ericfordrums at Rubix Studios with Canopus Drums    Introducing Joel Barford  Joel Barford at Rubix Studios with Canopus Drums Playing on a Canopus Yaiba Groove kit. Joel is a seriously talented individual and we are so proud of him being part of the family.  ...

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