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Please take a read at this article that Gideon Waxman has done. It is a great intuitive read for all drummers. Wicked site with lots of tips. 30 Remarkable Benefits of Drumming! 3 Shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print Drumming is an incredible new world of music to explore. There is no other instrument quite like drums! They encompass their own entire category of musical instruments labeled percussion. Drums are also the oldest musical instrument in the world; findings from excavations date back to as far as 5500BC from the ‘Neolithic period’, when drum skins were made of alligator hide! Drums...

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We are proud to announce ASBA IS BACK Before welcoming 2020 we thought to have an informal announcement of one of the most innovative drum manufacturers, ASBA. After 30 years of silence, ASBA is back. Come and try some of the beautiful drum kits made in France, fresh straight from the manufacturer in Lyon, France ASBA at Rubix Drums London, UK. Thanks to: ASBA Alessandro Cinelli - Drums Marco Cinelli - Voice Over Rubix Studios - Recording / Filming Rubix Drums Ltd. DRUMS RIVE GAUCHE MARRON FIVE Maple/Poplar/Maple Many of the sounds, grooves and players that inspired today's best...

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Hello everyone!  On Monday we had a great event at Tileyard - The Gallery with the guests Pete Ray Biggin (Level 42, PBUG) and Derrick McKenzie Jamiroquai).  Our Theme for this event was ~Get up on stage to share your drumming issues~  Earlier that day we visited the Music College in London ICMP in Kilburn and we run a lecture with the drum company ASBA from Lyon France who came especially to present the amazing ASBA drum kits and the history behind the legend brand.  The CEO of Rubix Drums - Bence Bolygo run the class in a very interactive lesson with the...

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